Saturday, March 14, 2009

spilling the beans

Hello there! This is just a quick post...just to have something in here for right now. Jeff & I have been together going on 7 years, which seems like a lifetime some days. We live in Archbold...bought a house about 5 years ago. My life basically consists of work and school...with a little fun mixed in. We are currently expecting our first (possibley only) child; due in October. It was a surprise, as we were doing everything (or so we thought) to NOT have children right now...but obviously things did not work in our favor. I am still getting used to the idea, and being that I'm 10 weeks and have not been sick once, it feels like nothing is different. I am quite lucky because the only problem I have had is just a consistent tired feeling, and a headache that has just been a dull constant pain most days. I consider myself extremely lucky to not be hugging the toilet! :)
We go in 3 weeks to hear the heartbeat...hopefully that will make this whole situation a little more "real" for us.

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