Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Delay...

Hello all! It has been several months since I have has been really hectic. We opened a second shop! YEAH! Check it out!

Also, in between work & school....I want to pull my hair out! :) Lot of studying & late nights. So, we will be starting back up with the blog giveaway in May, as well as the featured sellers. There just hasn't been enough time to do everything, and the blog & shops were the ones to suffer. :(

We are getting back on track though, and have some great new items listed in our original shop We still have our 'After Christmas Sale' Section up & are hoping that we can liquidate those items.

Lots more items are going to be listed through out the next couple months. We have had many people ask us what the 'Pantry' section is all about...well we will be listing items in there in the next couple weeks. Included in this section will be: jams, jellies, homemade granola, scones & sconettes, food of the month club, and much more! I am really excited to get these started!

Well, that is about all I have time for, so I hope it has peaked your excitement about the shops & what is to come! ;)