Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An almost completely unproductive day...

It's been a while...again. When things get hectic around here, the blog is the most likely to suffer! :)  A lot has happened in the last few months...hopefully within the next couple days we will post some of our newest items in the shop.

Mom is almost done with her last round of radiation for now. I've been working on LOADS of new items for the shop. Jeff has slacked on the wines. School resumes in June. The holidays were stressful...and not very "holiday sparkley". How is it the day after Valentine's Day already? Work has been....well...work. Winter has made me a hermit. We are this close to having all the needed supplies to make our own soap. Jeff & I have both lost 30 lbs. on our new diet. Oh so MANY project ideas...and so LITTLE time to complete them in.

Well...that sums it up for right now...I think. I feel more accomplished now, than when I started this post. :)  The most productive things I have done since I got off work @ 8am this morning is add wood to the stove, and get a shower...I love unproductive days! :)