Friday, October 30, 2009

New Booties

Well, just thought I would write up a quick post to show off some booties (which have already been shipped out). I will be posting more on my site today, just thought I would show off my handy work on here as well.

Also, next week I am setting aside my time to put together some blankets, quilts, bibs, burb clothes, and a couple other items. YEAH! I have been so preoccupied with other things, that I haven't had time to devote to my sewing. I am in desperate need of some down time, but I don't think I will be getting any until after the craft shows.

I definately need to get back to work! :) Cheers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In Slow Motion

Things have been really doing well with the shop. I have sold out of baby booties (one of my newest items). I just can't keep them in stock. Jeff believes it is because I have them priced too low. I think it is because they are super cute, at a wonderful price. I know some people are trying to sell theirs for $20 or so/pair...that to me is just COMPLETELY ridiculous for baby booties! :) I'm a frugle person though! I also know how quickly little ones feet there is just no way spending that much on booties is feasible. I will be offering some organic cotton booties sometime soon, which will be more expensive (due to the price of yarn).

Other than that, I have just been working away at creating new products, trying to study for school, and falling a bit behind on my cleaning...yikes! :) I am also trying to get everything in order for craft shows for this December, as well as figuring out packaging for the items I am selling as well. SO MUCH!!! AHHHH! I think I am running myself a little thin lately as I have come down with a cold, AND have been yucky sick the last two days. It doesn't help any that my immune system is a litte down right now, but then to run myself ragged isn't helping any either! :)

Well, I should be time to waste! Cheers!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Swing of Things...

I can't believe it is October already! :) Ohio autumn has been surprising this year so far. Unlike last year (when it was 80 most days) it has been cold, rainy, and delightful! :) I LOVE AUTUMN! It is definately my favorite time of year.

So far, the shop has been slow...but I must admit that I have been slacking a bit and not really pushing it much. The last few weeks have been super hecitc, and I just haven't had time to really push it forward. I am going to be doing a couple craft fairs before Christmas, and I'm really excited for that! :) I just want to get my name out there, and really show people what I can do!

I just made 20 lbs worth of blueberry-lime jam. I also have been working like mad on some cowls/gloves/scarves. I am going to be working on some more crochet baby blankets, and I am ready to try out some new baby bootie crochet patterns that I have. They are super cute, and I'm ready to put them together! :)

I also have some AMAZING fabric, and will be pumping out some crib quilts as well! I am so excited to get started on these, as the fabric is super cute!

Well, enough of this's time to get back to work! :)