Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Wonderful Day!

Another lazy morning, I just don't seem to have the get-up-and-go the last few days! So I am sitting here blogging...VERY PRODUCTIVE...lol. I had stumbled across a new Etsyian earlier this morning, thanks in part to a "Quit Your Day Job" Article on Etsy.

Kelle Dame : The Shop is our featured Etsyian of the week! She has some incredible pillows, and I can't wait to see what she will be coming up with next! Here is a taste of what she has to offer:

The "Highs and Lows Pillow" is a beautiful and beachy style accent pillow for any beach cottage!

The "Flower and Ring Pillow" is just simply fantastic!

If you are interested in these items or a custom order, you can find Kelle at kelledame.etsy.com

She also has a blog: http://kelledame.blogspot.com


I also just joined a Crochet Etsy Team! YEAH! Things are still in the works but I am excited about being a part of a REAL Etsy team...this is uncharted territory. Some of the teams require so much time & involvement to maintain membership. One thing I am short on is time (even if I do dilly-dally on my mornings off)! If you are interested in joining or just curious to see what an Etsy team is like, you can find the blog here: http://crochetdreamersetsyteam.blogspot.com/


Well...I really do need to go. I hear my laundry is ready to be changed over...plus some bathrooms are calling my name to clean...BLECH! :) Have a wonderful day everyone!


Nutshell Farms
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Monday, July 26, 2010

A Brand New Day!

Ahh...sitting around in the AC is wonderful! I really should be doing about a million other things right now...but I am sitting here blogging!

I was productive so far this morning though...I got Nutshell Farms back up for business! Plus I will be adding things throughout the day/week. We have a really great sale going on right now. A Christmas in July Sale! YEAH! I know, I know...it is the END of July...but we were gone for a huge portion of July...sooooo.

I have also finally gotten up some AMAZING photos taken by Trina Gueck! She took some really great photos of our Chunky Baby Egg Bowls.


Hidden Gate Designs should be back up & running within the next couple days...so stay tuned for that.

Alrighty...I need to get back to work...so many things to photograph...and put up on the store...and cleaning...blargh! Have a good Monday everyone!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

And so we move forward...

So I have taken a much longer hiatus than expected...but have managed to fill my time. My mother was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer, and we have been dealing with a total hyterectomy, and now the beginnings of chemo. She is a strong woman, and she will get through this.

On to better news...the shops will be back up and running after an almost month of being down. We just needed some time to wrap our heads around what was going on at home. I have been working on the winter 2010 line of cowls and am so excited to be unveiling them in mid-August. There will be loads of new listings coming up once we start back up the shops. We still have a couple pieces from our childrens line from Winter/Christmas 2009. Those items will be listed at a DRASTICALLY reduced price!

We have also been kicking around the idea of creating our own catalog to send out with our packages...something that I wasn't even thinking about until Jeff mentioned it. He has some good ideas every once in a while! ;)

We also have listed our granola and one of our jams...more defiantely coming in the next couple weeks. I love creating new recipes and sharing them with people...now just to get the photos right! lol I have been struggling with my photos for ages, and I just need to buckle down and get them perfected!

Well, that is about all for an update. We will be restarting a featured Etsy seller, and the giveaways...it has just been difficult to keep up with those since the first of the year. Check back for more updates and deals!


Jess Potts
Nutshell Farms
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