Friday, November 27, 2009



* Cyber Monday Sale runs from One a.m. Monday morning until midnight.

* Free Shipping on ALL orders over $20.

* 10% off all Neckwarmers.

* 10% off all Gloves.

* New Holiday Lines will debut.

* Other items will be on sale, you just have to check out the shop to find out! ;)


December Blog Giveaway begins November 30th until December 30th.
To enter: Log on to your Etsy account, convo me with "December Giveaway" in the subject box, and type your Name & Etsy member name (that I can reach you @) in the text body. I will then enter you into the drawing. There is no purchase necessary, but if you do make a purchase, you will be entered twice! ;)
This months giveaway is a baby gift basket: one pair of warm winter boots & matching hat (your choice of boy, girl, or gender neutral). Winner will be drawn on December 30th & I will notify the winner on December 31st. The gift basket will then be shipped on the next available USPS shipping day.



** All custom orders will be put on hold until Dec. 6th, at that time I will work on customs in the order of purchase. You may still convo me about custom work, order custom work, and even purchase custom work before the 6th. Please be advised though that the items will not ship out til after Dec. 6th. I will do my best to accomodate all orders. All items will be shipped out in time to make it to you by Christmas (if needed for that date). If a later delivery date is needed, even better! ;)

There will be a coupon posted this Monday as well for the Craft Show, check back Monday! All you will have to do is print it off, and bring it with you to the craft easy is that?!?
Hope to see you all on Cyber Monday, or the December 5th Craft Show!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Frenzy!!

So I feel as if my head is about to spin off into the corner of the room...bouncing off the walls. I REALLY need a cup of regular coffee...this decaf junk isn't cutting it this morning! :) I am a bit behind due to playing catch up from earlier this week. Did I mention that I am holding the Thanksgiving dinner this year & the house is a wreck...EEK! Thank goodness it will just be Jeff, me, & my mom! Unfortunately dad is on the road again this year...poor guy, I think it has been years since he has participated in a family Thanksgiving meal.

There is still a lot of cleaning/cooking/picking up the house to this one will be short & sweet! :) I will write an update later about the "going on's" of Cyber Monday. I already have 4 custom orders to complete of multiple items, after the 5th of December...the show is soon approaching (NOT READY YET!!!) on the 5th! YIKES! My head is spinning a little more right now. I will post a blog about the deals I have going on this weekend/monday after I have cleaned up tonight & am sitting down with a beer/wine/some sort of alcoholic beverage! ;) I don't think the dinner Sangria is going to be enough for me today. Yes, I said Sangria infamous berry Sangria is making it's appearance again...can I help it if it is just SO DARN DELICIOUS??



Friday, November 13, 2009

Upcoming Events!!

The holidays are right around the corner!! I even have a countdown going on my calender until craft shows...just to keep me motivated & on track. I am definately going to have to be productive as I have had a completely blah morning!

So on the holiday front: new items coming soon to the shop!!! :) YEAH! With Christmas just around the corner I am going to be putting up a limited amount of x-mas inspired items. I will also be participating in the "Cyber Monday" craziness. I have yet to decide if I want to do the madness that is Black Friday...I'm leaning towards no, unless my mother talks me into in again this year. I really don't have anything that I HAVE to get that I am willing to put up with the nuts-ness for.

On Cyber Monday I will be offering discounts (yet to be determined). I need to look at inventory and then a few days before I will advertise the items and the discounts that will be available for this one day only sale. I'm really excited as this is my very first holiday in an open store! :) YEAH again!

I am also working out the details of the craft show, and piecing things together to make sure I have enough items. I'm excited for this as well. It will be in the Kissel Building in West Unity, Ohio on Dec. 5th. I will also send out details in a couple weeks about this event, and then post again as a reminder the week of the show. Hope to see you there, or on-line Cyber Monday!