Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Frenzy!!

So I feel as if my head is about to spin off into the corner of the room...bouncing off the walls. I REALLY need a cup of regular coffee...this decaf junk isn't cutting it this morning! :) I am a bit behind due to playing catch up from earlier this week. Did I mention that I am holding the Thanksgiving dinner this year & the house is a wreck...EEK! Thank goodness it will just be Jeff, me, & my mom! Unfortunately dad is on the road again this year...poor guy, I think it has been years since he has participated in a family Thanksgiving meal.

There is still a lot of cleaning/cooking/picking up the house to this one will be short & sweet! :) I will write an update later about the "going on's" of Cyber Monday. I already have 4 custom orders to complete of multiple items, after the 5th of December...the show is soon approaching (NOT READY YET!!!) on the 5th! YIKES! My head is spinning a little more right now. I will post a blog about the deals I have going on this weekend/monday after I have cleaned up tonight & am sitting down with a beer/wine/some sort of alcoholic beverage! ;) I don't think the dinner Sangria is going to be enough for me today. Yes, I said Sangria infamous berry Sangria is making it's appearance again...can I help it if it is just SO DARN DELICIOUS??



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