Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting to know the "us" behind 'Nutshell Farms'

So...it's been a few years now that there has been an "official" Nutshell Farms, and I don't believe I have ever really introduced just who the 'us' is. Well, how about I start right now! If you would like to get to know us, please check out our new tab 'About Us'.

More posts coming in the next few days...I know, I know...I ALWAYS say this & don't post again for 3 weeks.

Since vacation ended, we have been busy tending to the gardens...using very useful information that we have learned, to improve them! Filling orders...decided in the near future I have got to update my office & current system for the shop!

Oliver has been a handful since we got back from vacation...guess that will happen when you leave a cat alone for a week (when he is used to be spoiled EVERYDAY). I need to take him to the groomers & get him trimmed. He has really long hair, and I brush him everyday...being gone didn't help! He now has some out of control dreads & it has been high 90's here...and still climbing...and it is just time for him to have a hair cut. I will post photos of before & after. I get him trimmed, but keep the booties & the mane. :)  He looks like a lion, but he is SOOOO skinny without all that hair. He looks like such a big cat (when he has all his fur), but the fur is deceiving!

I must say though that I do love my groomer! She does a fantastic job with him and every time he comes home from her, she puts a little bandanna around his neck! B-Real & I usually have one good long laugh right after he gets home...at his expense. He does look pretty adorable though when he gets trimmed.

The gardens are coming along fabulously. I am already picking vegetables everyday...time to start working on some new recipes!

We bottled the garlic wine (yes...I really did type GARLIC!) on Sunday! So excited to start using that in my recipes! The other wines need to be stabilized before they can be bottled.

Need to start working on some more soap! B-Real & I are in love with the soap that I have made, and others in our circle of family & friends have had some positive feedback on it as well...maybe coming to the online shop soon! We will have it available at our fall shows...still need to try out some more soap recipes!

Also on the horizon for Nutshell Farms...more breads & baked goods, homemade cheese, some "Tasting Days" (more right below on this), new shop items, even some low-carb items! :)

The "Tasting Days" is an idea that I have been kicking around for our food products. This would be available for local residents only (unless you happen to be making a trip to the NW Ohio area & want to book ahead). It would involve some great food...good conversation...and a chance to sample our items for free! But...like I said...this is still in the "thinking about it" stage. 

We are growing everyday as individuals, as a couple, and as a company! We are so thankful for our family & friends! Hope you all have a blessed evening...time to partake in a glass of wine, some delicious cheese, and some fresh berries!


Nutshell Farms

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