Thursday, April 14, 2011

WFH - Trying to make this work...

So it's been another couple of months since I have last posted. I have all these grandious ideas of blogging, and blog ideas/topics/etc...but I just haven't been putting them "down on paper" so to speak. Since I am trying this WFH (work from home) thing, maybe my delusions of grandure will actually come to fruition!?!

Since I am home so much more now (and spend ENTIRELY too much time online), I will be trying to maintain the blog at least every few days. We have loads of new items in the shop, more items coming soon, craft & vendor shows lined up, and tons of ideas for great blogs! :) 

Won't you join us on this adventure that we call life...and possibley buy some great handmade items? ;) 

Here are some of our newest items:

Those are just some of the newest items listed, more everyday! Thanks for having a look!


Nutshell Farms

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