Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Urban" Farming

So we have "officially" drawn out the gardening plan! YEAH! We are much more prepared, and organized (thankfully) this year! Each year that we have had a garden; or grow anything here on the farm, we have learned something new...mostly through trial & error...and some research.

We have our Heirloom seeds (this will be the very first year we use ALL heirloom seeds), and the garden is mapped out on paper. Now all we have to do is: start the seedlings, make the paper planting pots, till the gardens, lay the brick walkways...and plant away! :) That seems like a LOT of things to do, but we have a few weeks before we will be putting everything in the ground.

B-Real & I have stumbled across some excellent articles on the "Urban Farming Movement". While we do call it "the Farm"...Nutshell Farms is found with in the city limits of our small Northwest Ohio town. We have huge stacks of cut wood for our wood burning stove (which we heat our entire house with), 2 large garden spaces, a strawberry patch, apple tree, pear tree, and at the back of the lot we have a palatial chicken coop with an outdoor run. So as an homage to the Urban Farming Movement, and to all those self-sustainer's out are some of my top picks from Etsy today! :)

Herb Barn   $475.00
created by: ECOGRO

created by: Urban Cheese Craft

created by:  Fenster Blau Studio

Seed Bombs  $21.00
created by: Visual Lingual

Well, thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out todays featured shops for more great products! :)


Nutshell Farms

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  1. I bought the mozarella/ricotta kit from that company last year. We made one batch with regular store-brand milk and another, about a week later, with really good milk from happy cows. SO MUCH DIFFERENCE! And the cheese was really good too! I'm quite looking forward to more of their kits. Or maybe I'll just buy the cultures from Ricki Carroll directly. Whatever - one of these days, we're making more cheese!