Monday, September 20, 2010

Working through some details...

Just got done munchin down some broiled Parmesan-crusted Perch & some steamed broccoli...yummy! We even rode our bikes out to the park to watch the end of Zach's soccer game, and I got to play with lil Max for a while! :) Love that kid!


Anywho...a quick update on the Autumn Harvest Extravaganza...things are going great! :) I have heard back from many people...and it looks like this is going to be a really great week long give-away! I am so excited, I was about jumping up & down while reading the convos back!

So, I am trying to get things organized & I will be chatting back to all those great Etsyian participants that are so graciously donating some swag to give-away! I am going to get some stuff knocked out on paper of how things will go, and then I will send out a mass convo with a blog posting about this in's & out's of the week long events. I am still looking for some kick-ass tutorials to share with everyone...have a couple in the works as I type.

I am also looking in to how to set up the give-away items. I could do this several ways:

1.) Do separate blog posts everyday on that give-away item...then you will be able to choose which item you would like to be entered to win (no limit on items to enter to win of course)

2.) Blog the give-away items...and randomly select people to win an item...which would give the winners no choice on the items they would win.

I am leaning toward Option #1...


I will be in touch with all the sellers that are participating in the next couple days to share the lineup of that week! :)

Well...another night shift quickly approaches...time to don the scrubs of my boring "day job" life.

Happy Harvest,
Jess Potts

Nutshell Farms
Hidden Gate Designs

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  1. Very cute blog! Your knitted items look so warm and cozy! You should post things on - it's completely free!