Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn Harvest Extravaganza...

So we had a brilliant idea the other day...what is new right?? :)

Our favorite season is autumn; with all the cooler weather that Ohio has FINALLY had lately, it has really thrust us into autumn harvest mode! Halloween (favorite holiday hands down!) is just around the corner in October, cool & crisp air is circulating about, and our pear tree has already dumped two huge loads of the most delicious pears we have had in 6 years!

So...onto this brilliant idea then...

We want to host a week of fantastic giveaways, new rollouts of holiday season items, great sales, maybe even some tutorials....all autumn harvest inspired! The events will start on October 10th and run until October 17th. There will be a giveaway everyday (possibley more - depending on how many store participants we get) starting October 11th, with a Grand Prize Giveaway on October 17th. All items will be handmade, and I will be posting photos of the prizes as the date gets closer.

And...We will be entering our own items as giveaways as well...not just other shops! :)

Advertising for this event will be done (mercilessly) on Facebook, Twitter, Etsy Forums/Chats, as well as here. We are giddy just thinking about all the fun that can be had! :)


How can you enter to win?

* Followers of our blog will automatically be entered to win the giveaways


How can you participate in this event?

* We have opened up a thread on Etsy:

* Convo us through to set up the giveaway items you would like to send

* Comment here & we will figure things out :)


We would like other shops to participate in this event by:

* Send us some Autumn Harvest inspired tutorials that we can share with our crafty viewers

* Send us some giveaways for the week (we are adding our own items for free as well into the giveaway)

* Have some sales or promos that week that are going on in your shop? Let us know & we will share the details here!


We would really like to get the ball rolling on this...a little of that OCD thing kicking in now. :) Anyone interested feel free to contact us at our Etsy shop, e-mail us at, come chat in the thread above, or post a comment on here...we would LOVE to hear from you all! (Even if it is to tell us how excited you are about the event!)

Happy Harvest,

Nutshell Farms
Hidden Gate Designs


  1. What a great idea! Autumn is my personal favorite season as well :)

  2. ooh how fun!!!! I am very excited about the event. I will definately think about a give-away! I've got some fun autumn related greeting cards that would be good for the fellow fall lovers!

  3. I will certainly consider a giveaway- great idea for Autumn! I will also hold a sale of throughout the event...20 % off all items from the Autumn Collection that week. :-)

  4. Hi, I'm from the Tradeaholics Team on Etsy, and I'm definitely in for offering a giveaway item (I do knitted accessories - good for fall, right?). Let me do a bit of planning this week and go through my supplies to see if I can put together a tutorial, too. I'll be in touch soon :)

  5. Sounds like fun! And I want some pears :<)

  6. Sounds like 'GRAPE' fun! I've been busy adding fall/winter/holiday items to my shop and will definitely think about offering a giveaway item for you to add to your goodies :)

  7. Things are coming along fantastically! Loads of items will be up for giveaways...and hopefully more coming soon! :)

    We will be posting in the next couple days for all the participants about the in's & out's of the week long event.

    We will also then be posting photos of give-away items. :) So excited!

  8. Sounds like a fun event! I'd be happy to offer an item for give away..Happy Harvest! ")