Monday, September 28, 2009

On a busted afternoon...

I haven't blogged since I first started up my shoppe, so here goes! :) Things have been hectic in my schedule the last several weeks to say the least!

It's FINALLY autumn in Northwest Ohio...and I LOVE it!!! Harvest/autumn is my favorite time of year. Its a cold and very windy day out...although I could do without the spitting of rain every now and again.

So far I have a handful of items listed in the shoppe, all of which are crochet. Soon I will put up some canned goodies, crib mobiles, quilts, and some other items. I just need to get in gear! :) Definately easier said than done!

I am in the process right now of completing my very first custom order!! I am stoked! It is a pair of charcoal grey wristlets. I am also working on a present for my youngest nieces birthday (which is Wednesday), and my mothers birthday present (Oct. 4th). I am also working on some cowl designs to put up on the site.

I can't believe it is almost October. I'm afraid that the next couple weeks are going to be slightly grumbly, and I really don't want to find myself in a funk again. The last six months have gone by quickly, and I have finally pulled myself out of my funk coma. I think the shoppe has really helped with keeping me busy, along with in general.

Well, enough of this blog stuff...I've got to get back to work if I want to get dinner made, projects completed, homework done,!


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