Thursday, January 12, 2012

When I fall off the horse...I tend to lay on the ground for a while before I get back up! true fashion of my blogging history, I took a hiatus (after SWEARING that I would blog more often). What are you gonna do though?


I try to get into this whole blogging thing, but does anyone actually read my ramblings??? Probably not, but whatev!

This is just a run down of what we have been up to since September...

...harvesting crops
...expanding the gardens
...dealing with constant sinus infections (B-Real's doctor keeps throwing medication @ him instead of running tests that might present the reason to these infections/migraines...go figure)
...Christmas order CHAOS!!!
...local shows
...putting our items in 2 brick & mortar shops
...tearing apart my studio/office to move it to a larger room...the fact that this isn't done YET speaks to my procrastination, and I'm about to tear my hair out @ the dysfunction that is my new studio/office!!! friendships
...ending of toxic relationships
...Holiday craziness
...fell into a partnership @ one of the brick & mortar shops

What's to come: lines in the shop
...a separation of the shops (yes I know I tried this once before & it drove me crazy, but we need to separate our kids items into a completely different shop...just to keep the shops in a neater order)
...spring :)
...more blog posts (bahahaha!!! I know, I know...I always say this...but for reals this time!)

So that's the rundown for right now. I am also planning on doing a beYOUtiful contest. I was so inspired by the link that I decided to do one myself @ our blog! I can't wait...I think this is the only reason why I am excited about blogging right now, but I'll take what I can get right now! ;) 

Well, that's all for now folks!

Nutshell Farms

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  1. I read! :) I was thinking about splitting my shop for simplification reasons too. What didn't you like about it last time? Glad to see you back around!